Trends chop and change so quickly nowadays that it can be so difficult to keep up with what we’re meant to be doing with our brows! No one would blame your for feeling confused about what treatment creates what type of brow, so we’re created a list comparing the top eyebrow treatments and top eyebrow trends of 2021.

Threading, Trimming and Tweezing

The sting of the tweezer is something any millennial is all too familiar with. Often used to neaten up the brows and gradually shape them how you’d like, threading, trimming and tweezing are great for making subtle changes. Stray hairs are tweezed or threaded away and then scissors are used to make sure the length of the hairs is all uniform. It’s the most basic treatment on the list and you can often find people offering these services in most salons.

Trend: This very much suited the 90’s – early 2000’s trend of pencil thin eyebrows but as we’ve progressed to wanting a thicker brow, it’s more of the beginning of a treatment. Your technician might do this to neaten up your brows before tinting for example.

This trend is perfect for anyone looking for a more natural brow,
therefore, it’s perfect for soap brows! It neatens and provides a natural shape for you to
work with.


Oftentimes people are scared of waxing because they think it’s going to hurt. I’m not going to tell you it won’t, but waxing definitely hurts more the first time round as you’re ripping the hair from the follicle If you get it done again within 4 weeks, it shouldn’t hurt as much because although the hair has grown, the follicle hasn’t attached to a nerve yet. So if you’re going for this option, make sure to keep up with it.

Trend: This will definitely suit anyone looking for a more dramatic shape, so I’d
recommend this for anyone in love with the Insta Brow!

Brow Tinting

Brow tinting is usually favoured by people who don’t have much visible hair, e.g. fair
haired people or people who’ve plucked their eyebrows too much and the hair’s grown
back very light in colour. It’s a great way to get a naturally fuller looking brow. You’d
usually have your brows style beforehand either by tweezing, threading or waxing and
then the dye will be placed on your brow and left for around 30-45 minutes.

Trend: Because this treatment provides a natural colour and shape to the brow, it will suit the soap brow or feather brow trends.


The most permanent and expensive form of eyebrow treatment, microblading was very popular in the mid 2010’s. It’s a semi-permanent tattoo that lasts for roughly 12-18 months but can leave marks for a long time after that so you should only consider this treatment if you’re in it for the long haul.

Microblading is a great solution if you have alopecia or other forms of hair loss as it’s a very low maintenance way of having the appearance of eyebrows. It can be costly though as you’re essentially paying for a tattoo, but if you’re worried about the pain, you can ask for a numbing solution to be applied beforehand. This treatment does require a healing time of roughly 6-8 weeks so you’ll need to be prepared to not wear makeup/be kind to your skin in that time. Which means no retinols or skincare actives in that area.

Trend: Microblading was especially favoured by the Insta brow trend as you can create the bold, stark brow easily. There are a few technicians who can create feathery looking brows now, but make sure you look around and specify the style you want.

Brow Extensions

Brow extensions act much in the same way as eyelash extensions; surgical-grade
adhesive is used to affix the extensions to your brow. It’s a great solution to those
suffering from hair loss as you wouldn’t be able to distinguish the extensions from natural
brow hairs.
Plus, unlike with microblading, there is no healing time. However you’ll still not want touse any makeup on them or risk pulling them out.

Trend: Due to the natural look of the extensions, I would say this would suit anyone
looking for natural looking, fluffy brows. You won’t be able to put products in them so
stay clear if you prefer soap brows.

Brow Lamination

A treatment that hit its peak in 2020, brow lamination is favoured by anyone with already
full brows. A perming solution is applied to the brows once they’ve been shaped which
allows for natural looking, fluffy brows that stay in place. It’s usually paired with tinting to make for the ultimate low maintenance, fluffy brow.

Trend: we’d suggest this treatment for those who favour soap or feather brows as it provides a very natural look.

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