So you’ve gone through your training and have achieved your well earned qualifications, now it is time to consider where you will show off your new skills, you might choose to work in a salon or spa or even on a cruise ship or you may take the leap and set up your own beauty business from home. If you do decide to take advantage of the freedom that comes with being self employed then this blog will give you a great reference to start your beauty business from home. 

Benefits of working from home

Working from home as self employed is a great opportunity for anyone! You may be starting out or have been in the industry for a long time and have decided to go it alone.

This is especially relevant for anyone that needs to fit working around other commitments such as children or other work. You manage your own time -You and only you are in charge of your schedule, booking in clients on the days that you choose to work, you may choose to work day times only but the benefit of being outside of a salon environment means you can offer evening appointments, this is particularly beneficial if your target clients are of working age as they may be more inclined to book something in around their own schedules. 

You are your own boss -The beauty industry is extremely fast paced and whilst you will be looking to deliver a relaxed environment for you clients as a business you will need to keep up with current trends, as your own boss you can choose when you branch out into other treatments and being self employed you can fit training in around your working hours too.

The legal bit

As a beauty treatment provider you will need insurance, this means you will require public liability cover when working on clients in case any harm is caused. This sort of insurance can be sourced easily from most insurance companies although there are some beauty specific insurers available that may offer additional services. Whichever company you choose you will need to show proof of your qualification to the insurance provider and they will often ask for details about where you gained your qualification. 

Insurance for your home

 If you are a homeowner be sure to check the terms of your home insurance for running a business from home, most insurers will allow for business admin without any need for changes to your policy but if you will have clients visiting you need to make sure you inform the insurer and make sure the terms of your insurance cover you for this. This is the same 

for tenants, make sure you advise your landlord of your setup so they can make any changes to their own policies. 

Setting up an area

This is where you need to factor in the treatments you are offering, you will probably need enough room for a massage bed as this will be used in everything from massage to lash application. You will also need to provide enough room to store your kit and have comfortable moving room for both you and your clients.

Ideally you will have a separate room with plenty of space. This is also a great way of separating your work and home life. Your treatment area could be a room inside of the house, a converted garage or even a freestanding structure outside of the home. If this is not achievable then a space inside of a room will work but you may be restricted on the treatments you can comfortably offer.  

Self Employment considerations

The beauty industry is extremely lucrative. If you work hard and are committed to providing a great service you will be sure to have your clients returning time after time. So how do you deal with all the finances that come with being self employed? The easiest way to do this would be to employ the services of an accountant/bookkeeper, for an annual fee they will submit your accounts to HMRC, this needs to be done even if you are earning under the tax threshold as the government needs to know if you are due to pay any tax or national insurance contributions.

Bear in mind you will still need to keep a record of you incomings and outgoings and give your accountant access to this at the end of financial year,  great way to do this is using an app such as Quicbooks or Tide, these apps will also allow you to update receipts for your equipment and products and even send invoices if needed. 

You can submit your tax returns yourself but the advantage of having an accountant is that they have a wealth of knowledge on what you can claim tax relief on especially as a home based business, don’t panic though you can find out lots of what you need to know on the .GOV tax guidance. We hope you have found this blog helpful, if you are looking to further your skills in the industry we offer a wide range of online courses that can be taken in your own time, perfect to fit around your at home business!

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