Nails have always been an accessory to many. Whether you opt for a classic French or a single colour to match your outfits, the options truly are endless. With nail artists’ designs causing new trends to emerge constantly, there is no excuse for a dull manicure. Whether you love acrylics, gels or normal polish there are designs out there for everyone.

The modern mani

A white French tip will forever be timeless which is why it is so popular worldwide. But if you dare to be bold, why not try a colourful mani instead. Whether it’s pastels or a rich red, go out of your comfort zone and try a pop of colour. You could even take it a step further and add some fun shapes to add an extra dimension to your nails!

Spring Break

Now that our winter wardrobes are packed away it’s time for a freshen up! Spring colours such as pastels and soft colours are an obvious choice in spring but never go out of fashion. Floral nail art is another great option for your spring nails and will definitely brighten up your mood.

Colour, colour, and more colour

The more colour the better! Experiment with colour and create a custom manicure or be bold and try a flash of neon. Influencer Zoe Sugg recently showed off a neon mani with some leopard print tips for an extra touch of wow!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

What better way to show off your new set of nails than to decorate them with gems? Add a touch of glamour to your hands with Swarovski crystals or simple diamantes. For a more understated- yet still glamourous touch opt for pearls instead to elevate your simple manicure.

Prints and patterns

Nail artists like Natalie Minerva have been curating some of the best nail designs for years. With her work most recently brought to the screens and worn by the cast of Euphoria, her designs have gone viral. Her use of bold prints and patterns has captured the eyes of many other artists who have been creating their own versions.

Summer fun

With summer fast approaching, be prepared to see all of the sunset colours painted across our hands to emulate those tropical vibes. Blooming or blossom gel nail art has recently become popular and is a great way to incorporate all of those summer colours into one manicure. If understated is more your vibe though then why not try some summer swirls?

Monogramed manis

With celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian monogramming their partner’s initials onto their manicures, why shouldn’t you? Show your loved one how much you care about them by including their initials in your manicure (at least it’s not permanent like a tattoo). Or if you’re celebrating a big birthday why not have your birth year painted onto your nails for a statement piece.

With enough inspiration to see you through to next year, go and book that nail appointment and show off those freshly painted nails.