Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world with over 1 billion frequent users, almost everyone on social media has at least one Facebook account. You may be wondering how you can apply this to your beauty business? Luckily for you, Facebook is now so much more than just posting to walls and dm’s. 

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Getting setup – Make a group or a page?

I’m writing this assuming that you, like most people, already have a Facebook account. If you don’t, go set one up now. The first thing you may be wondering is if you should set up your beauty business as a group or a page. The difference between groups and pages is that groups you can make private so only approved people can join whereas pages will always be public unless archived. 

We’d advise that you set up your page first. This will make it a lot easier for people to find your business and you can even put information like your opening times, website, prices and salon location (if you have one) on it. Facebook pages are very easy for potential clients to find and usually have all of the key information they’d be looking for. 

Pro Tip: Put your logo as the page profile picture. As beautiful as you are, potential clients won’t know who you are. Put your logo as the profile pic as an extra way to advertise your business. 

Public vs Private Groups

Groups are a great way to keep existing clients engaged with you and your brand. You can host lives answering their questions regarding your services, post memes and create a nice, all around community. You can even post offers on your services in these groups to reward clients and the most active people in your group. 

You can make these groups public or exclusive, meaning that anyone can join your group or you have to approve people beforehand. Public groups are great for people whose businesses don’t contain sensitive pictures or services e.g. eyebrow treatments, facials, hair stylists etc. If you work in a more sensitive field e.g., body waxing, you may want to keep the group private so that people feel comfortable interacting in it without sharing with their whole Facebook friends list that they prefer a Hollywood wax over a Brazillian. 

Private/exclusive groups are also great for keeping scammers out, but it’s not usually a big enough issue to worry about, just keep an eye on what’s being posted.

Share Instagram content

This is great for all you low maintenance queens that don’t have the time to be posting multiple things a day. Facebook and Instagram are connected so whenever you post something on your Insta account, you can also set it to share automatically to Facebook at the same time. This will help you keep your groups/pages alive and not have to worry about separate content everyday. 

Automatic Messages

Let’s face it, you’re not going to be able to answer all of your Facebook messages at all times of the day. You might be with another client or living your life (work/life balance is important). When you set up your business page on Facebook, you can set up an automatic message response if anyone messages you. You can link them to your FAQ’s if you have them, tell them you’re opening times or link them to your online booking system. 

Facebook Ads

You can also use Facebook for paid advertising. I wouldn’t advise doing this unless you know what you’re doing, or have taken a few courses, but Facebook ads can be a really great way to get some more promo for your business and reach a large audience. If you’re looking for a great place to learn and get started, we’d recommend the Digital Marketing Babes beginner courses.

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