Are you struggling to achieve that perfect eyebrow shape?

Maybe you are trying out a new style or just looking for an alternative to your usual makeup routine. Whatever the case, it is easy to learn how to shape eyebrows and achieve the look you desire with only a little practice.


When I was younger, I used to overpluck my eyebrows. As a result, they never grew back properly and now that I am older my brows are unruly.

With trial and error I found a foolproof way to manage my brows. Today, I will be sharing some of these with you so that you too can get beautiful brows too!



The first step of how to shape eyebrows is tweezing existing hairs.

This gives you a clean start when shaping your brows. When tweezing pull your skin tight and hold the skin taut to ensure you don’t pinch your skin. Tweeze in the direction of hair growth by pulling out one hair at a time if possible. Using a moisturiser afterwards will help prevent flaking, redness and irritation.

2.Determine you desired brow shape


This is where you determine your desired eyebrow shape. The best way to do this is to use a makeup pencil, the colour of which is close to your hair colour.

Begin by holding a pencil beside your nose and extending it towards your pupil. Where the pencil hits the eyebrow, will be where you make a mark on your brow for shaping purposes. This ‘line’ should be at least two inches away from your pupil (for thick eyebrows) or at least 1.5 inches away (for thin eyebrows).

3.Filling the brows in

This step so how to shape eyebrows is simply filling in any sparse areas you may have around your brows with powder or pencil for a full appearance.

If you are using a powder, be sure to choose one that matches your colour perfectly. Use a pencil to imitate the shape of your individual hairs, keeping them as thin as possible (keep you pencil sharp to achieve this). I love the Ownest Eyebrow pallette for this as it includes powders and pencils.

4.Comb through brows

The next step is combing sparse areas with a spoolie brush, which is a makeup brush that looks like a mascara wand with fine bristles on one end and thick, coarse ones at the other. This helps to blend the powder or pencil into your brows.

5.Tweeze again

Make sure to wait around 24 hours after filling in to continue tweezing so that your hairs have time to settle. Start by tweezing any hairs above the line you created earlier, especially if they are closer to your nose. Then, comb through again and tweeze any hairs closer to your nose that may have been missed the first time.

If you follow these steps on how to shape eyebrows, you will be able to create a beautiful full brow in no time. Whether you are struggling with unruly brows or just want a change, these tips will help you achieve the perfect eyebrow shape for your face. I hope this article has helped you out!


Question: Some people don’t have eyebrows due to congenital disorders or can’t grow them due to medical conditions. How does one shape eyebrows if they lack the starting point needed for shaping?

Answer: Shaping doesn’t need to start with having an eyebrow. Many people simply tweeze hairs that are extraneous and then brush through brows with a spoolie, combing upwards as you go. This not only leaves your brow short but also thickens it!

Question: Should i remove makeup before shaping?

Answer: Makeup removal is important in how to shape eyebrows because clogged pores prevent hair from growing properly. Use coconut oil on a cotton pad to remove any product before beginning the process.

Question: Will tweezing cause pain?

Answer: A little yes. If you have a low paid threshold, try using numbing cream for this step. This will help make tweezing less painful, especially for beginners who are not used to it.

It sometimes less daunting to ask a friend to do this step, if we know we are going to hurt ourselves our flight intuition kicks in and we may not be able to complete it, that’s just human nature!

Question: Is tweezing good or bad for eyebrows?

Answer: If done incorrectly, eyebrow tweezing can be harmful to your brows and lead to slower growth in some cases. However, if done correctly, tweezing is a great way of shaping eyebrows.