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Odds are, you’ve heard a lot of people talk about eyelash tinting and eyelash extensions without really ever explaining what the treatments are. We’re going to break down what these services are and how suitable they are for what you need.

Eyelash Tinting

What is Eyelash Tinting?

Eyelash tinting is becoming a staple in a beauty technicians kit. It’s such a standard service that almost every salon and technician are now offering it. The highstreet is even now selling ‘at home’ kits, although the reliability of these has yet to be seen and most people prefer to go to a professional.  

The appeal of tinting is that it’s not permanent. The tint itself only lasts for a few weeks before fading which makes it ideal for consumers just trialing/dipping their toe into the industry, or for consumers who have jobs where makeup isn’t allowed so they want something natural to enhance their face. Prices will vary from tech to tech but the average price is around £20-£40. 

How is it done?

 The process of tinting is quick and simple. The dye will be applied with a cotton bud to your natural lashes which is then left for around 20 minutes before being wiped away gently with warm water.  

They dye itself can be henna or a chemical dye. Your technician will do a patch test (usually at least 2 days before the appointment) the first time that you book in this service to make sure that you don’t have an allergic reaction. If you don’t get the patch test, you might be refused service until it’s done.

Who can get their eyelashes tinted?

Anyone over the age of 18 (16-18’s can with a parent or guardian present) can get their lashes tinted as long as you don’t have any allergies to the dyes and no pre existing skin conditions. Lash tinting is great for anyone looking to have their lashes look like they’re naturally darker and if you get them lifted as well, it will look like you’re wearing mascara! We’re all starting to get very skincare conscious and lash tinting can actually help with that! By providing the look of mascara without needing to be scrubbed off, you’re saving the skin around your eye from prematurely ageing.

Lash tinting is a great treatment for anyone looking for low maintenance addition to their routine. You don’t need to groom your lashes like with extensions and you just need to get them redone every few weeks. You can also pair this treatment with a lash lift to give your lashes an extra boost.

Eyelash Extensions

different types of eyelash extensions

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions are great if you want to look like you’re wearing fake eyelashes or if you’ve lost the hair on your eyelashes. Much like eyelash tinting, extensions are a staple in most beauticians kit, however, not every lash technician is made equally. Because of how lash extensions are applied, there can be some serious health consequences if they’re not maintained or installed properly, so make sure to research your technician!

How are they applied?

Lash extensions are not for the faint of heart or for anyone looking for a low maintenance option. The lashes are applied individually after glue has been applied to your lash line.

Extensions are semi-permanent and usually last for around six to eight weeks before needing to be redone. If you want to remove your lashes at any time, you will need to have these removed professionally or wait for them to naturally fall out; you can’t just rip them out as you might with strip lashes as you could tear out your natural lashes as well.

Taking care of your extensions

While lash extensions may save you some time in the morning and evening as you don’t (and can’t) need to apply makeup and take it off, but you still need to make sure you’re cleaning and brushing your lashes. If you don’t take anything else away, always remember not to cry or get your face wet within 24 hours of having your lashes done and don’t put oils on your face!

Here’s our top tips to keep your extensions looking amazing:

  • Don’t wear mascara! There are some mascaras that you can use but we really advise against it as it just creates unnecessary tension and can cause your extensions to fall out sooner. You can read more about mascaras and extensions here.
  • Don’t scrub at your eyes. Again, this can cause your extensions to fall out quicker. You’ll also want to stay away from any oil based cleansers as this can dissolve the glue, so it might just be safer to wear minimal eye makeup.
  • Shampoo your lashes a few times a week. This may sound counterintuitive but here me out. Your skin, even your eyelid skin, naturally produces oil, but you need to keep oil away from your lashes to prevent the glue from breaking down! By washing your lashes a few times a week with baby shampoo, this will prevent oil buildup. You can read more about how to wash your lashes in Le Salon’s article here.
  • Brush your lashes. Even though a golden rule of wearing lash extensions is to avoid any unnecessary tension, sometimes the lashes can cross over each other. Your technician will usually give you a spoolie at your appointment, but if they don’t or you lose it, you can buy them really cheap from most makeup/discount stores. Use the spoolie to lightly brush your lashes regularly.

Who can get eyelash extensions?

Anyone over the age of 18 (16-18’s can get them with a parent or guardian present) can get eyelash extensions as long as you have no pre existing skincare conditions. Lash extensions are a great way to get a false lash, selfie ready set of eyelashes that are relatively easy to maintain, but you need to remember to look after them properly! You also need to make sure that your technician is appropriately; you don’t want amateurs or unqualified people gluing things to your eyes.

It’s always a good idea to check out the reviews of the technician. Most salons/technicians will be registered on google or somewhere on social media. Take time to research your tech and make sure that they are the right fit for you and someone you’ll feel comfortable trusting your eyes with! If you’re interested in becoming a Lash Technician so you can provide eyelash tinting and eyelash extensions, or training in any beauty field, take a look at our courses or contact us for more information! 

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