a green eye with lash extensions

You’ve paid for a gorgeous new set of lashes but sometimes you want that extra oomph to push them that bit further. But can you put mascara on your lash extensions and should you?

The short answer is yes, though with caution! You could risk catching an extension on the wand or scrubbing it off when cleaning if they’re not wearing down naturally over time (which happens). In essence, this would destroy your extensions and cause them to fall out -which isn’t ideal at all.

Mascara is a popular product for both people who wear natural lashes and those with extensions. It can be tricky to find the right type of mascara, though! You don’t want water proof or oil based mascaras because they will dissolve your bonding agent (and cause you to lose all of that hard work).

Good mascaras we recommend are:

With regards to eye makeup, you should be fine with eyeshadow but avoid it if possible. Creamy and sticky eyeliners willstick to the extensions on your lash line which can make them difficult for a technician to remove when they are able.

The ultimate, cardinal rule though is to never ever use an eyelash curler! You’re basically asking for a lot of pain and frustration. To keep your lashes looking as amazing as when they were first installed and to avoid having them accidentally ripped out by the root in one swift motion, you should try not using mascara or liner on them. It’s best if you just ask for more dramatic lash extensions next time so that there won’t be any need to put anything else on these beauties either way. Remember: make sure those babies are clean too!Are you interested in learning how to install lashes? Check out our amazing training courses and contact us if you have any questions.