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When considering all of the aspects that make this job a great fit, it’s easy to see why becoming a lash technician is one of the best decisions you could make. You’ll have so many perks including self-employment and flexibility which are especially appealing if your other responsibilities include raising children or working another full time position. Plus there’s always high demand on these services with people who enjoy lash extensions staying as long as possible under their favorite lash tech; making them some of the most well paid in our industry!

There are so many avenues to getting into this field to become a lash tech and we’ve narrowed some down for you, find out all you need to know below.

Why should you consider becoming a lash tech?

It’s affordable. You may be at a point in your life where you’re questioning whether university is worth it, or perhaps you no longer find your chosen career fulfilling. One of the perks of being a lash tech is that training only takes less than one year, whereas with university; undergraduates are looking at three years minimum to complete their degree alone! Lash-tech courses cost far cheaper than any undergraduate degrees -which might help influence your decision It’s also professional qualification-It’s a professional qualification

As opposed to gaining qualifications in other areas, being a lash tech means that you have the means to earn as soon as you qualify!

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Flexible Schedule

As a lash technician, you get to decide your schedule and when you want to work. This means if mornings are not for you but night owls find themselves wide awake at 6am in the morning then there’s no need! If parents have children with busy schedules or work around their own schedule as well, it’s easy because they can book appointments whenever that is most convenient for them.

Work from home

Working from home means you won’t have to pay those pesky salon fees and it will feel like a vacation as customers come to your place. Plus, there is no better feeling than waking upin the morning only having to walk downstairs for work!


Keep in mind that you’ll need models to practice on. These can be your friends, family or volunteers, advertising you new skills on social media platforms is a great was to offer partial or fully discounted concepts.

The social life

Gone are the days of working in isolated cubicles, hello talking for a living and having a laugh with your clients. What do you need to become a lash tech?-First and foremost: Patience… and lots of it. The process of applying eyelash extensions is a detailed and meticulous one that requires patience. Eyelashes are delicate, so if you’re easily frustrated or don’t have the time to devote yourself to this profession then it may not be for you. However, those who thrive on mastering something difficult but rewarding will love being able to help their clients feel like they’ve achieved perfection by giving them natural-looking lashes!

Training to be a lash technician

In the UK, you don’t need a license or course to perform eyelash extensions. However, we highly recommend that you do as much training as possible because it will help ensure your safety and public liability insurance coverage for any injuries sustained during procedures. The more qualified experience someone has with this procedure -especially if they have some form of official certification like in-person courses through reputable institutions such as from Beauty Courses, means there is less chance of injury from working on delicate parts of the body by professionals who know what they are doing!

What have you been waiting for?

Now is the time to take your business up by storm with one of our lash tech courses! We can’t be more excited than now, after all those years of dedication and hard work, we are finally able to share our expertise on how best to help people.

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