a womans top of the face, showing the 6 most popular beauty courses of 2021

If you’re looking to retrain in beauty, or even just looking for a refresher course after being out of work for a year (thank you corona), we’ve compiled a list of the most popular online beauty courses so far this year (2021)! These courses are perfect to gain a base understanding or refresh your knowledge as most of them are only 1 – 2 days of learning and you can take them from the comfort of your own home. 

Acrylic nail courses

With the UK coming out of lockdown, there’s been a stampede of demand for nail technicians as we prepare to reintroduce ourselves to the outside world. Acrylic nails are also the most common type of nail treatment in the UK, making up over 50% of demand; and at £25+ for 45 minutes of work (for a basic set), it’s a great earner for nail techs. 

An online course such as the one we offer, will teach you how to apply acrylics safely, how to blend the acrylic, provide aftercare and other skills such as health and safety. It’s a great course for beginners and experienced professionals who are looking for a knowledge refresh!

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive course that covers a wide range of topics like gel nails, nail art etc, then you might want to look at a full level 2 VCTC course.

Online Gel Nails Course

Good to pair alongside the acrylics course, an online gel nail course will teach you how to apply gel polish and how to care for it. Gel is a great alternative for people wanting long lasting, beautiful nails but don’t want the extension that acrylics provide. It also helps that gel polish is especially longwearing, unlikely to chip or scratch and can be relatively easy to apply. It’s also favoured by nail artists for its longevity!

Online Eyelash Extensions Course

Eyelash extensions, second only to acrylic nails, are the second most favourite treatment salons offer. Probably due to the customisable aspect to it; you can have your extensions as long, thick, full as you want, or you can have a more natural look. They’re also great for people suffering with hair loss as they work by gluing the extensions to your skin! If you’re learning how to apply eyelash extensions, it might also be worth also taking a course on how to apply eyebrow extensions.

You can read more about becoming an eyelash technician here.

Salon management course

Over 80% of businesses fail in the first year, possibly due to inexperience, bad product/service, bad marketing or bad management. If you’re considering opening your own beauty business, give yourself a head start and take a salon management course! Since the courses are online, you can take them when it’s convenient for you, fitting them around your home life and business commitments. 

Makeup artistry 

Makeup artists, like many, have suffered during the pandemic. Even now it can be a struggle to be a makeup artist when many events are no longer running. However, as soon as the full restrictions are lifted in the UK, I can see a huge boom for makeup artists on the horizon. Proms and weddings will be back on as well as festivals, photo shoots etc. If you’re considering a career as a makeup artist, now’s the time to train in time for the boom. 

You’ll learn how to tailor makeup to your clients, colour theory, health and safety etc. It’s also a great option for professionals who’ve been out of work for the past year to get the refresher. 

You can read more about what to invest in your kit as a makeup artists here.

Hairdressing courses

Hairdressing is probably the oldest profession on this list, after all, we’ve always needed our hair cutting! While we wouldn’t advise you take an online hair course and proclaim yourself a hairdresser and start practicing on clients, it can be a great introduction to the industry before starting an apprenticeship. Especially if you have an apprenticeship lined up for after the pandemic! 

If you are thinking of a new career in the beauty industry and considering which beauty courses you might take, please contact us with any questions you may have.