There’s a lot of information as to why you should shop cruelty free but we’re giving you our favourite products from our top 20 cruelty free makeup and skincare brands! Please keep in mind though that not all of these products are vegan safe. 

Our top 14 cruelty free makeup and skincare products:

anastasia beverley hills dip brow pomade cruelty free makeup

1. Anastasia Beverley Hills Dip Brow Pomade -so good for outlining and filling in brows! Easy to use, and if it dries out, you can warm it up on the back of your hand and it’s like new! You can buy it from BeautyBay here

ardell demi wispie fake eyelashes cruelty free makeup

2. Ardell Demi Wispies -the demi wispies are amazingly priced and a perfect lash for those looking for a natural lash with a boost. 

3. Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Palette -a beautiful jewel toned palette perfect for any Queen of Hearts! Pigmented and blendable, we couldn’t recommend this palette enough. 

4. The ELF blush palettes are by far the best I’ve comeacross! So pigmented and a variety of shades, you’d be crazy not to try these drugstore palettes.  

5. Jeffree Star Cosmetics A bit more at the higher end of the spectrum, JSC sells amazing lipsticks in every colour you could imagine! The best part is; they’re eye safe so you can use them as eyeliners and bases for your eyeshadows! 

juvia's place wahalla palette cruelty free makeup

6. Juvia’s Place is a black owned brand made for black and POC women! All of their products have amazingly inclusive shade ranges and the eyeshadows are ridiculously pigmented. 

7. Makeup Revolution is known for their affordable and good quality products. Granted, some of their products are hit and miss but their lipsticks are great quality! 

8. Milani became infamous for the Luminoso blush range! A stunning pink blush with a hint of shimmer, which has now been released in more colours, the Luminoso blush is a must have for all blush fanatics.  

9. Ofra Cosmetics. The liquid lipsticks from Ofra are so comfortable and pigmented they definitely rank high on my favourite list! 

 10. The Pixi retinol glow tonic shot them to fame a few years ago and rightly so! It’s an amazing light, chemical exfoliant which also provides gentle anti-aging properties. Just be careful to use it at night and apply your SPF in the morning.  

11. Primark beauty is looked down upon by some, especially since some of it is made up of not so subtle dupes of products from larger brands. But some of it is really great quality;  one of their foundations even being a dupe for the Estee Lauder Double Wear! Plus it’s so cheap so if you do get a dud product, you’ve only lost a few pounds.  

a selection of tarte makeup, cruelty free makeup

12. RCMA The Loose Colour Powder shot RCMA into the mainstream. Their foundation and concealer palettes are coveted by makeup artists, but the no colour powder is the layman’s favourite. Unfortunately it is known to leave a bit of a cast on deeper skin tones so try a banana powder instead! 

13. Tarte is most well known for their Shape Tape concealer which is amazing, but their real start products are their amazonian clay blushes! So many shades with amazing, long lasting pigment, I can’t help but not recommend them. 

14. The Ordinary. We all know by now that we should know be using harsh, physical exfoliants (looking at you St. Ives). The Ordinary Aha/Bha peel is an amazing exfoliant which helps to get the dirt and built up oil off your skin! For only £8 it’s such a deal! 

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