It’s very easy to say “it’s only hair- it’ll grow back!” but for some, their hair is a big part of their identity so looking after it properly really does matter. Follow our 10 tips on how to keep your hair looking great all year round.

1. Scalp scrub

If you have a generally dry scalp or struggle with hair thinning, try using a scalp scrub or shampoo brush. Massage brushes help stimulate the cells within the scalp, causing blood flow to increase and promoting the distribution of nutrients throughout the scalp and hair root.

2. Frequently trim the hair

This is one of the oldest beauty tips to keep your hair looking fresh and healthy. A regular trim will chop off any excess dead, brittle, and split hair. This will result in giving your hair the appearance of a makeover without all of the fuss.

3. Use hair protection

Do not skip your hair protection! It has been successfully proven that heat protectants work, so use them to preserve your hair and avoid any irreparable damage. If products aren’t for you then why not try swapping your pillow covers for silk ones. Alternatively, if you’re constantly wearing your hair up and ripping it out of a hairband every day this will also be damaging your hair. Make the change to softer hairbands that won’t pull and cause breakage.

4. Invest in treatments

They’re there for a reason so don’t hesitate before trying a hair mask. We recommend using Olaplex as it is now the number one choice by most hairstylists to give yourself a salon-worthy wash. If perhaps you wanted a much more invasive treatment then why not try Carboxy Therapy.

5. Brush your hair before you shower 

By brushing your hair before you shower you’ll be removing any hair that has fallen out anyway. If you have straight hair then brushing after a shower can actually cause damage to your hair. This is because your follicles are at their weakest. However, if you have curly hair it will be the opposite for you, and brushing your hair when wet is healthiest.

6. Use the right tools

By researching the best brushes or hair dryers for your hair will make the world of difference. For your curls, drying your hair with a diffuser will help maintain your pattern and reduce any frizz that an ordinary hairdryer might add.

7. Eat a balanced diet 

It is no secret that vitamins help our general health and well-being so of course, they’re going to help your hair. Whether you want your hair to grow, or to be less oily, after a quick research you will find the best foods to consume in order to gain a healthier mane.

8. Keep your showers cool

Heat damage doesn’t just come from electric tools. Using hot water on your hair also dries it out. It is recommended that you use a cooler temperature when washing and rinsing your hair. This is because Hot water makes your roots weak and as a result, your hair turns frizzy. Additionally, the texture takes a beating and hair can break easily. Hot water makes your hair overly porous, and this again prompts breakage, brittleness, and flyaways.

9. Ingredients to avoid 

Silicones have been found to damage hair by coating your strands. So next time you’re shopping for some more shampoo check the label for which ingredients to avoid.

10. Give it a break 

Unfortunately, if your hair is already quite badly damaged then you shouldn’t be bleaching it or having extensions, whether they’re tape-ins or clip-ins your hair strands are still going to be holding unnecessary weight and breaking off. A professional hairdresser will help you and offer advice on how to properly take care of your hair to revive it to its fullest potential.

By using our guide on how to keep your hair looking great you’ll never be caught with a bad hair day again!